Who are we?

Strong company culture with 5 years of experience in Hospitality Management

Djitu Hospitality Solutions is a leading OTAs, Revenue and Property Management Company for the Hospitality Industry.

Serving more than 100 hotels, villas, resorts, and guest houses in Bali and Lombok.
Together with our professional team, we do everything we can to increase your bookings. We offer different packages where we can help you with digital activation, the best OTA strategy, responding to price, a fully automated booking system, creating your website, taking over your reservations, or simply creating new professional photos for your villa.


We are on a mission to generate revenue for property owners by using our services. Working as a independent partner, we help villa’s and hotels in Bali and Lombok to grow. We provide marketing, pricing and distribution solutions to increase their bookings and be more profitable in this new digital age.

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You need it, we can do it.